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13 Best Places to Eat in Walthamstow

Welcome to our 13 Best Places to Eat in Walthamstow blog post. You will find here a comprehensive list of restaurants, bars, cafe’s and market stalls serving food at the Walthamstow Market. The Walthamstow Market is open for business from Tuesday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. till 5:30 p.m.

However, you can reach this market from anywhere in London quite quickly. This is because Walthamstow is located at the end of the Victoria Line (TfL zone 3). Since the new Victoria Line trains have been introduced to this line, the travel time between Central London and Walthamstow have shortened.

For example, you can reach this place from King’s Cross in less than 20 minutes. The market is located short walking distance from the Walthamstow Central station.

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You can also reach Walthamstow Market by the Tfl’s Overground Line that is running from London Liverpool Street to Chingford. The journey also takes about 20 minutes. Those wanting to combine their Brick Lane Market experience with the Walthamstow Market experience in one day should plan to start on Saturday morning at Brick Lane and than to walk from Brick Lane to Bethnal Green Station from where there is a direct train to Walthamstow Central.

Places to Eat in Walthamstow

Our list of the places to eat in Walthamstow includes the variety of ethnic cuisine including Turkish. As you walk along the market you will notice number of trailers and some of them will be selling hot Turkish food including the delicious and usually freshly prepared Gozleme. Turkish Gozleme is a flat-bread that is usually filled with spinach and cheese. In addition, some places sell Gozleme with minced lamb as well.

Here at Walthamstow Market the Turkish food is ubiquitous, both sold indoors and outdoors. From my experience as a local plumber working for number of small businesses in Walthamstow I found that the Turks offer the most generous portions of food.  If you are a European like me, you are likely to enjoy the Turkish cuisine for its strong flavour, charcoal grills and fantastic customer service.

Authentic Turkish Gozleme

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The kebab shops at Walthamstow market are not as sophisticated as the ones in Edmonton or Wood Green.  They do however offer good value for money especially if you are a heavy meat eater.  Typically a kebab shop at Walthamstow market will offer you a chicken or lamb doner kebab with a can of Pepsi or Coca Cola. So, this would normally cost you approximately £5.

The food sold by the local kebab shops is in my opinion not as healthy as the one sold by the owners of the market trailers.  This is probably because the Turkish food sold from the trailers is more authentic.

A Can of Pepsi and Food from Best Kebab for £5

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The meat sold by most places to eat in Walthamstow is halal.  This is because a large chunk of the local population are Muslims. If you are not Muslim and would like to try some of the Middle Eastern foods available from the Walthamstow Market you should not hesitate because the halal food in terms of its quality is no different to the one we the Europeans eat on daily basis. The only difference is in the way the animals are slaughtered in the process of meat production.

How to Distinguish Between the Turkish and Pakistani Kebab

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The kebabs are also sold by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Their kebabs however are very different to what is known as a Turkish kebab.  The Pakistani kebab is prepared with minced lamb on skewer cooked on charcoal grill and served with naan bread.  This kind of kebab usually comes with chili sauce and mint sauce (not like the Turkish kebab with garlic sauce).

The best Pakistani kebab from all places to eat in Walthamstow is sold by the gentleman called Seth from his white and clean market trailer. It’s not difficult to find Seth’s kebabs because they are very popular and there’s always a queue in front of his trailer.  If you don’t like kebabs you can ask Seth to prepare for you the chicken tikka masala wrap with mint sauce and salad that will cost you about £3.

The food sold by Seth and his team deserve to be nominated as the best Pakistani street food in Europe. Unfortunately I don’t currently have a photograph of Seth’s trailer but promise to upload it to this website as soon as possible.

The Honey and Raspberry Polish Restaurant at Walthamstow Market

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There are many Polish convenience stores in Walthamstow. There is however only one genuine Polish restaurant at Walthamstow market. This restaurant is called The Honey and Raspberry and offers the traditional Polish cuisine. It’s not cheap but worth your visit if you would like to try (something normal) a traditional Central European cuisine.

Typically the Polish cuisine is a mix of what is known to the Europeans as the Italian of the North. This is because at one point in the Polish history the Polish Queen Bona traveled to Italy and stayed there for some time exchanging food recipes with the Italians. When she returned to Poland she brought with her not only the vegetables that did not exist in Northern Europe at the time but also few good ideas for cooking. The recipes she brought with her evolved over hundreds of years to what is now a fine Polish cuisine.

To many, the Polish food together with few other Central European cuisines are the last remaining typical Northern European foods that are untouched by foreign garlic and influences.

If you go to the Polish restaurant you should expect to eat a properly prepared over hours meal, balanced with fresh vegetables and well seasoned beef or pork. Unlike other places to eat in Walthamstow this restaurant does not sale fast food. Polish food is normally a difficult one to cook at home.

If you live in London you should certainly try some of the Polish cuisine because who knows for how long the Poles are going to tolerate the BBC and stay here. And my final message about the Polish food is that you are mistaken to think that it’s all about Pierogi (dumplings). The Polish cuisine is much more than that. Also, the Honey and Raspberry is highly recommended by Walthamstow Plumber.

Halal Roast Chicken for Everyone at Walthamstow Market

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Have you ever heard about the hybrid restaurant? The one illustrated above on this photograph is a place where the Walthamstow locals buy the roast chicken to take it with them and have it with vegetables or bread together with their families at home.

The name hybrid comes from the fact that buying chicken from one of the places to eat in Walthamstow market means that the people can buy a half ready product. It’s not a full meal. It’s just a part of the meal. Many families in Walthamstow prefer to have hybrid diet and to cook part of their meal at home and buy the other half ready cooked.

It actually makes a lot of sense if one thinks about the cost of electricity needed to roast a chicken at home. The grill illustrated on the photograph above is the best example of how the electricity can be saved. This grill probably uses a little bit more of electricity then the domestic grills but it is much more efficient as it can roast tens of chickens in one go. Furthermore, read about the places to eat in Walthamstow below.

English Delicacies at L. Manze

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When is it the last time you’ve had Hot Eels or Mash & Pie? If you think that you won’t be able to have any of these in Walthamstow you are mistaken! There are truly English places offering English delicacies at Walthamstow Market. L. Manze Restaurant is one of the Walthamstow’s finest. Jellied Eels are not only the favourites of the East Enders.

This kind of food is also consumed by East Europeans. Don’t be surprised if the chef that prepared your eel is either Lithuanian, Slovak or Polish. At L. Manze Restaurant List of foods available is a long one and includes the traditional English Roast Dinner, Fish and Chips, all kind of traditional English and Cornish pies and pasties and for those who have no time to wait there are sandwiches.

The New Mandarin Chinese Restaurant in Walthamstow

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The New Mandarin Chinese restaurant located at Walthamstow market is an example of how the Chinese traditional cuisine is adjusted to the needs of the community of East London. At this restaurant you can enjoy both the traditional Chinese food, especially the Cantonese and Peking cuisine as well as the fish and chips.

At Walthamstow there aren’t many oriental people (relative to the number of Poles, Pakistanis and Arabs) but the Chinese food is very special because is accepted and enjoyed not only by the people who cook this food (the Chinese) but also by the people from all over the world.

Like most Chinese restaurants in East London this one offers takeaway service. The restaurant owner however, will not mind if you want to stay and have your meal inside as there are couple of small tables and chairs for you to sit on.

Arabian Nights Restaurant in Walthamstow

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The Arabian Nights restaurant is another on our list of places to eat in Walthamstow. This restaurant offers the traditional and less traditional Arabic cuisine.  The meat meals dominate the menu.  For vegetarians however there is a selection of pizzas and if you lucky enough you might even be able to order some of the Moroccan Tagine.

The Arabian Nights restaurant is also a place where you can sit and enjoy a cup of Arabic tea and smoke Shisha. Also, it’s not difficult to find this restaurant even if you are blind. All you have to do to find it is to close your eyes and follow the smell of the fruit shisha that is coming out of this restaurant.

Deja Vu is a Turkish Meze Place in Walthamstow

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The Deja Vu is a Turkish Meze Place located at Walthamstow market. This restaurant is a true meat feast. Customers can choose from the selection of top quality beef steaks, kebabs on skewers and freshly baked bread. This restaurant seems to be well financed and stuffed.

From the outside the restaurant look very attractive. However, if you enter this place you will be surprised to see the stylish and cosy interior. In addition, the waiter is going to greet you like he knew you for many years. I feel extremely well and welcomed every time I come to this restaurant. Vegetarians will also find something for themselves including the chargrilled halloumi cheese, vegetarian moussaka or vegetarian kebab.

Indo Chinese Chopstix in Walthamstow

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The Indo Chinese Chopstix restaurant is a fast food place to eat in Walthamstow. There’s a chef with his hot wok frying pan ready to prepare some fresh noodles mixed with veg and meat for you. If you are on budget (must have at least 5 quid) this is the right place for you. You must not be allergic to prawns of seafood if you want to come here. This restaurant is known locally for its fine seafood meals and fish. You can eat in or takeaway.

Coffee Grind Bar at Walthamstow Market

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The Coffee Grind is a bar located at Walthamstow market. It’s popular for morning breakfast especially the traditional English breakfast with sausages and bacon and baked beans. Also the service is fast and the meals are very tasty.

If you are not British you might not necessarily consider the English flavours as tasty so be careful. The English sausages are known from being disliked by those who come to England from the Continental Europe or Pakistan for religious reasons.

There’s the bottle of ketchup and HP Sauce always on the table. If you come here between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. this place might be full of local workers having their lunch or morning breaks here. If you are a tourist in London, visiting the Coffee Grind might be a good idea if you would like to try a true English breakfast.

The East London Caribbean Food

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The East London Caribbean food is delicious, especially the curry goat and curry chicken. So, from all the places to eat in Walthamstow this one is the market stall that is large enough to accommodate birthday parties!  Also the food here is always fresh and delicious.

In addition, the Caribbean meals are known to be rich in energy. It usually come with a generous portion of rice and a curry style meat dishes. The service is not as fast as at the previously listed on this page Seth’s Pakistani kebab but the food is so delicious that is certainly worth the wait.

The Roosters Spot – More Places to Eat in Walthamstow

The Roosters Spot restaurant located at Walthamstow Market specialises in inexpensive meals, especially burgers and fried chicken.  So, you can also enjoy pizza, chicken wings and other affordable food solutions. Therefore, this place is adored by the younger generation of those living in Walthamstow.

You can have a meal here for £2. If you’re not young but less concerned about the effect of sugar and fat on your body, then this place is certainly worth you going to. In addition, the service is really fast, the chicken is always very hot and tasty, the bread is fresh and Coca-Cola is always well refrigerated.

The good thing about this place is that you can sit inside and have your meal without paying extra for such a privilege. Hot tomato sauce, barbecue sauce and ketchup and mayonnaise and garlic sauce and you name it are at your disposal with no limit.

If you are still not happy with the list of places to eat in Walthamstow we prepared for you, you might like to read the other blog post about the restaurants at Walthamstow Village we prepared for you. However, the Walthamstow Village offers completely different culinary experience and is walking distance from the Walthamstow Central Station. If you wish to find more information related to Walthamstow, visit this website.

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