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The Trains of Walthamstow

I live in Walthamstow for the last three years and here in this blog I would like to reveal my favourite part of this East London borough. There is a bridge over the railway that is currently run by TFL’s Overground.  The bridge is located between the Walthamstow Central station and Walthamstow Village.  I recently took few photographs of this magical place. Spotting the trains of Walthamstow is probably the best thing you could do if you live here. Especially if you don’t have any money to spend on the junk food sold at the Food Market. You are welcome to comment on my opinions about the local trains and possibly join me for ‘trainspotting’,  I mean literally spotting trains rather than going to the cinema to watch Trainspotting.

The Trains of Walthamstow

It is not the local architecture, neither the local people but the the Trains of Walthamstow I think are the most attractive part of this area. The photographs published on this page show a coherent balance of colours and a background of straight lines.

Classic View of the British Railway in London

I struggle to imagine the possibility of taking similar photograph elsewhere in Walthamstow.  The photograph of the train travelling from Chingford via Walthamstow towards London Liverpool Street station is one of very few remaining images of British Walthamstow.

Train Size Illusion

As the train approaches the bridge, it becomes larger and larger. The unusual thing about this bridge is that you start hearing the train coming only few seconds before you can actually see it. This is because the train travels in the tunnel before it appears to the viewer standing on the bridge.

The Trains of Walthamstow are Cleaner than Ever

I remember when I moved to Walthamstow years ago, the sides of the railway were littered with all kind of rubbish, starting from bin liners to fridges and washing machines. The things improved however as this place is much cleaner now.

The Train from Chingford to Liverpool Street and the Narrow Boats

The train line that leads from Chingford to London Liverpool Street station is an interesting one as it passes through Hackney Marshes with views on the canal and the narrow boats. The narrow boats moored by the canal in Hackney Marshes shows how desperate some of the Londoners are for decent accommodation. As the train passes you might be able to see battered boats and people living in them. If you are European and never traveled outside of this continent (to India for example) you might be surprised to see how the people can actually go in terms of the quality of their accommodation in order to stay in London.

The Trains Are Very Busy During the Rush Hour

I use this service from time to time. The trains are very busy in the morning and in the evening. If you travel on those trains between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. they are not so crowded. It’s possible to hear what the people talk about on those trains but only if you can understand their language.

TfL Upgrade of Overground Trains in East London

Apparently the TfL are planning to upgrade the Trains of Walthamstow in few years time. I look forward to it because the rolling stock on this line is probably the oldest in London. I am not suggesting that the authorities discriminate East Enders by not investing into local infrastructure as much as they do in other parts of London, but there’s certainly the time to change the trains for the new ones.

Trainspotting is Fantastic

Thank you for reading my blog about the Trains of Walthamstow. I hope you enjoyed my photographs and my opinions about this train line. I hope that one day we can meet on the steam train trip. It actually happened to me that I’ve met someone from Walthamstow who read my blog about trains of Walthamstow when on the steam train trip to York some time ago. We were sitting on the same carriage and talking about trains. By visiting this page you can find more information about Walthamstow Central Station.

So, this blog post has been prepared for you by your local Walthamstow Plumber.

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