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The Cats of Walthamstow

The Cats of Walthamstow

I went walking through Walthamstow the other day. Then I started my trip from walking through the market and then though the streets adjacent to it. So, I saw a lot of people speaking in the variety of different languages and large number of ethnic shops and restaurants. Unfortunately I have not seen any animals. I could not see even a single cat.

I went a bit further walking back towards Walthamstow Central station crossing Hoe street to the other side until I reached Walthamstow Village. Then I noticed two happy cats sitting on the fence in front of one of the local terraced houses.

I stopped for a moment and looked at those cats. One of them even approached me so close that I could not help but to stroke him. However, both cats seem to be happy, friendly and used to the pedestrians passing them by.

Why the Cats of Walthamstow Prefer Walthamstow Village?

Why cats can be found at Walthamstow Village but not near the market? Is it because of the lack of food or the lack of the healthy community spirit?  By walking through the Walthamstow market I could sense mistrust between the members of the local community. Then I felt that the locals simply tolerate each other but don’t feel affiliated to one another. However, this is probably due to the fact that Walthamstow is  usually the place where all new immigrants arrive. Also they differ culturally and linguistically. So, it’s hard to blame them for failing to create a thriving community, if the people of Walthamstow hardly can communicate in the same language. To be happy the people must trust one another and be able to cohabit their town responsibly with consideration of the needs of all members of the community. I don’t think that this is currently taking place at E17.

I imagine that the cats I saw can sense the negative energy in places near the Walthamstow market. Because of that these cats choose to hang around in more positive places such as the Walthamstow Village. I might be wrong however. I even could misinterpret the dynamics of the Walthamstow community but can the cats of Walthamstow be wrong on this? If you are interested in finding more information about Walthamstow, browse this website.

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