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10 Best Restaurants at Walthamstow Village

The Walthamstow Village it’s a very special place as are aren’t many similar locations in East London. For example in Stratford, Ilford, Leyton and Barking there are clusters dominated by one or two ethnic minorities. In Ilford the majority for of all restaurants and places to go to will be run by the Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans.

The Walthamstow Village is the last European bastion in this part of London. If you are European you will like to hear that at Walthamstow Village you are more likely to feel safe and good. There are altogether ten places that offer drinks and food. All of them are located in close proximity to each other.

If you live in East London and would rather not travel too far to find your perfect restaurant, the Walthamstow Village might be a good idea to travel to. Located walking distance from the Walthamstow Central Station, this East End paradise and the 10 Best Restaurants at Walthamstow Village can be reached in no time.

10 Best Restaurants at Walthamstow Village

The restaurants at Walthamstow Village range from small local delis serving quick but healthy meals, the English pubs, the Italian and Spanish restaurants and other medium size restaurants that specialise in the contemporary European cuisine. As you walk from Walthamstow Central tube station towards Walthamstow Village the first thing you are going to see is the pub called the Queen’s Arms.

The Queen’s Arms Pub at Walthamstow Village

The Queens Arms is the traditional but modern English pub, a place where the locals meet. Also there is a long list of traditional English ales, continental beers and lagers, wines and spirits on the menu. In addition, the pub also serves a typical for this kind of pub food. It includes burgers and fish & chips.

More Places to Eat in Walthamstow

The pub has been renovated recently so everything in it is fresh, both inside and out. So, in the summertime the Queen’s Arms customers can have their drinks outside of the pub seating on comfortable benches the pub owner prepared for them. The customers are requested however not to make a lot of noise after 9 p.m. because this pub is located in the residential area of Walthamstow.

The Village Bakery in Walthamstow at Walthamstow Village

The Village Bakery is the place where you can get a fresh (sometimes even hot) bread and buns. In addition to the traditional bakery products the Village Bakery sells delicious sandwiches, milkshakes and smoothies. The interior of this place can be described as cosy with tables and chairs for people to sit on. During the warmer days the customers can sit outdoors in the small, designated by the bakery owner area with tables and chairs. The Village Bakery staff are friendly knowledgeable about the local area and their customers so much so that they call some of their clients by their first name.

The Deli at Walthamstow Village

The Deli at Walthamstow Village is as the name suggest is a place for the locals to have a quick meal or sandwich. Also some parts of their menu is similar to the items listed on the menu of other restaurants at Walthamstow Village. The Village Bakery.
The proximity of both The Deli, The Village Bakery other restaurants located at Walthamstow Village create competition on this small marketplace which has a positive effect on prices and the quality of foods sold in this part of Walthamstow. The Deli is different from its competitors especially in the hours it operates (it stays open till late). But also as one of few delis in Walthamstow is able to organise receptions and small parties with hot food and drinks. I’ve heard that some of the locals host their birthday parties here at The Deli.

More Places to Eat in Walthamstow

The Orford Saloon Tapas and Deli

The Orford Saloon Tapas and Deli adds to the list of Restaurants at Walthamstow Village where you can have a quick delicious meal. This place like the other two already listed in this article delis offer fresh sandwiches and hot meals. By looking at the number of delis located here, one can come to conclusion that the locals prefer this kind of catering. Considering the demographics and the lifestyles of the local population the deli bars can actually serve much better to the needs of the middle classes.

More Places to Eat in Walthamstow

Eat 17 Restaurant and Bar in Walthamstow

Eat 17 Restaurant and Bar is a modern eatery located at Walthamstow Village. A good selection of wines and fantastic contemporary European menu makes this place a perfect choice for Friday and Saturday nights out or simply for quality daily dining. In this place everything is of high quality: the food, the service, the wine, the interior design and even the music.

More Places to Eat in Walthamstow

The Village Kitchen Walthamstow

The Village Kitchen as the name suggests is located at Walthamstow Village.  It’s presence here adds value to all the restaurants located in this cluster. The Village Kitchen, like its local competitors stands high in the hierarchy of all restaurants at Walthamstow Village.

Typically the customers of the Village Kitchen are the health conscious who like to eat well and know how to do it. So, the Village Kitchen menu is full of meat and vegetarian foods that are always freshly prepared. Therefore, our plumbers like to eat here. As we are health conscious too and the good thing about the Village Kitchen is that if eat here and leave satisfied and without feeling guilty of overeating.

More Places to Eat in Walthamstow

The Froth & Rind Walthamstow Village

Froth and rind in Walthamstow is a small delicatessen that specialises in the sale of fresh British and continental cheese and meats. They offer their services in friendly manner. Also the kitchen is well equipped and the sandwiches are truly delicious. If you’re looking for something very original for breakfast The Froth and Rind is a must visit.

This place is also known for its delicious hot drinks including Latte and extremely tasty Earl Grey tea. You won’t be able to organise your birthday party here but this place is large enough to cater for a group of six people, possibly for large family wanting to to have a breakfast together.

More Places to Eat in Walthamstow

Nuovo Mondragone Italian Place in Walthamstow

Nuovo Mondragone is the Italian place located at Walthamstow Village. The Italian restaurants in London are so popular these days that the London boroughs without them can be considered strange. As a rule the Londoners love the Italian places and Nuovo Mondragone is no exception to this rule. This restaurant offers delicious pizzas, pastas and other fantastic Italian dishes accompanied with Italian wines.

This is not one of many Restaurants at Walthamstow Village. This is an Italian experience! If you come here be prepared for the the pleasant noise of happy people and don’t be surprised to hear dry joke from your Italian waiter. Also the people of Walthamstow Village organise special occasion parties such as birthdays and anniversaries here. Booking tables in advance is recommended as this restaurant is very busy throughout the week, especially weekends. However, it is probably the largest of all Restaurants at Walthamstow Village.

More Places to Eat in Walthamstow

The Village Pub in Walthamstow

The Village Pub is a happy place. Unlike the pubs located near the Walthamstow Central Station this one seems to be fresher and much happier. In addition to the drinks such as ales, beers, wines and spirits you can come here for the traditional English roast dinner and the fish and chips.

This pub is like the community centre. Therefore, the people who come here usually know each other. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t know anybody here yet.  Just come, grab a pint of beer and be open to the conversations with the locals. We’ve made a lot of friends here. So, this pub is highly recommended by Walthamstow Plumber.

More Places to Eat in Walthamstow

La Ruga Restaurant

La Ruga is the oldest restaurant in Walthamstow Village. Despite its Spanish name the restaurant does not emphasize on any ethnic influence. The menu consists of the contemporary European cuisine and carefully selected by the restaurant manager list of wines. Apparently the menu changes on daily basis. So, you can’t get bored of La Ruga even if you come here to dine everyday.

This restaurant is ideal for couples. Especially those who met online and are looking for a cosy and romantic place in East London to spend time together and have something delicious to eat. Therefore, finding this restaurant is not difficult at all. Also the address is not needed neither. All you have to do is just go to Walthamstow Village and look around. When we were here taking this photograph, the waiter from La Ruga smiled ans waved to us. We could sense a positive energy blowing out of this restaurant.

More Places to Eat in Walthamstow

The Walthamstow Village is the oasis of tranquility, order and tidiness in Walthamstow. Unlike in other parts of Walthamstow the residents of the village are the London middle classes, usually employed and with disposable incomes allowing them to afford the foods that are more expensive than those sold at the Walthamstow Food Market. Many years ago the Walthamstow Village was the centre of Walthamstow as the Town Hall used to be located here.

Today this is a strictly residential part of Walthamstow. Therefore, the people from other parts of London came and settled here mainly due to its proximity to the Walthamstow Central Underground Station. In addition, the recent investment by the local council in the local infrastructure including the improvement of the quality of roads and road signage. Some of the locals say that the restaurants at Walthamstow Village make this part of London even more attractive as a place of residence.

Unorthodox Way to Spend Time in London

The Walthamstow Village is different from other parts of London. It is not just because the street signs here are half orange but because most of the locals use English as their first language. The street between Pembroke Road and Beulah Road is the commercial centre of Walthamstow Village. There are shops and many restaurants offering variety of contemporary British and continental cuisine. You can have more interesting stories about Walthamstow Village by browsing this website.

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